About Rev. Dr. Colleen Cook PhD. D. D.

Colleen was born and raised in Oshawa, Ontario. Colleen is not only PSYCHIC, CLAIRVOYANT, she is a consultant with empathy that believes STRONGLY in the communication of spirits and is an immense believer in the ability to change ones life by becoming a positive thinker.

As she will demonstrate, she is a

Colleen's purpose in a reading is to point out the positive possibilities available to the seeker and to warn against the negative which could hinder or ultimately frustrate the success that should be yours.

As with many others, Colleen began her psychic voyage at a very early age.

The gift came from her mother's side of the family who originated in England.

Much like one would carry on a native language so did Colleen continue the line of healing and clairvoyance from previous generations.

Colleen was healing from the age or 12 and followed on with the clairvoyance from the age of 7.

It was told that she too would be working from the platform of a Spiritualist Church one day. Disbelieving but never the less curious Colleen began her studies.

1. Her Inner Truth       2. Develop her medium ship

Through several years of medium ship development classes and volunteering her time to local authorities, churches, hospitals and to dedicate herself to finding lost people.... mostly children.

Colleen soon became aware audiences (through out Ontario and now Internationally) were amazed with the accuracy found in descriptions of themselves, their loved ones and their personal lives.

After deciding to complete her doctorate of divinity Colleen

was then ready as her grandmother had always told, to be at a pulpit in a church to show others how to follow their given paths, also to believe in themselves as they travel this path.

Not stopping here Colleen went on to further her studies in Wholistic Medicine and obtained her PhD in this field as well.

Shortly after this Colleen chose to follow her heart and became involved with assisting corporations in their employment of individuals for certain positions and assisting in locations that would be best suited for their business to prosper and grow....

After an extended time Colleen then chose to return to helping the individuals to their paths and assist in healings to bring people back to their paths of positive thinking.

Often is is said "wow that is exactly as _________ would have said that", thus allowing the person who had lost a loved one to close or contact for a meaning only known to them.

Colleen had been doing lectures and classes for others to develop their own gifts for over 30 years. Colleen is also known for her optimism and positive thoughts with encouragement to all she comes in contact with.

If you would like a stimulating and entertaining lecture or study group be sure to attend one of Colleen's informative classes or lectures in your area soon.

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