The Amazing World of Spirit Guides
It is my belief that we have a minimum of seven spirits with us at any given time with no maximum. Their positions in our life are much like you might perceive those of an electrician, plumber or carpenter, in that they all have a function or purpose to fulfill. Once you are made aware of these energies, you can use them in your daily life to progress towards a higher plane of positive existence.

I can only hope that you find as much inspiration from the spirits as I do.

The Spiritual Guides Are:

The Child
The Physician
The Religious Factor
The Philosopher
The Relative or Friend
The Scout
The Door Keeper

The Purpose Of Each Guide Is:

The Child:
The Child’s purpose is to keep in touch with everyone. A few examples of the child’s interactions; your phone rings and you know who is calling. Perhaps you’ve been talking about someone and low and behold that very person shows up? Maybe you’ve had a gut feeling that something is not right with someone you care about and when you contact that individual or someone close to them your suspicions are confirmed.

Try this simple exercise the next time you’re concerned for someone:
Try imagining the person or animal for a moment and then trust your first gut feeling to know that everything feels fine or that there is some reason for your concern. Please remember that the key word is first gut feeling. It has to be the first feeling that you receive as it is quite possible for people to over-ride their gut feeling and allow their personal feelings to take precedence. It will take some time but it will work.

The Physician:
Can be utilized to discover the inner physical or mental well-being of someone you come in physical contact with. The reason that I mention physical contact is you may only be aware of someone’s well being by looking directly into his or her eyes. When you first meet someone, try and sum up your first impression of them while still looking into their eyes. How about the first time you met the person you share your heart with now... Remember your first gut feeling...? Were you right...? Through this method one can discover illness (mental or physical), honesty and basic true feelings. In order to use this method to be capable of finding your own physical or mental well-being, you may simply look into the mirror directly into your eyes. Once again, remember to be honest and only your first impression. Otherwise you are allowing your personal feeling to over ride your Physician's opinion.

The Philosopher:
This spirit is like having a complete set of encyclopedias at your disposal. It is my belief the Philosopher can help you in any field in which you may wish to venture. There have been reports of people being placed in a test situation, knowing little or nothing of the subject matter and by simply using their first impression are able to score a pass in this unknown area. How many times, in a test situation, have you been told to go with your first impression and do not change your answer? In order to experiment in this area I would suggest when you are talking to someone, simply say the first thing that comes to mind, as long as you are thinking in the same field as the conversation. The Philosopher will be there to help you socialize. From this point, who knows, try your first impression at an interview. The options are endless in career, education and socializing.

The Religious Factor:
This is maybe one of the most unused of all the spirits. There are no given reasons for this, other than the fact that most people are very selective about the information they care to receive in this area. The Religious Factor is basically there to assist you with any questions regarding religion that you may come across; it has been my experience that about two percent of The Religious Factors are the same faith as those that I am conducting a reading for. However, when you do have some question or pondering in this area by all means rely once again on your first impression and you may surprise yourself.

In my own example I was raised Roman Catholic, am now a Spiritualist Minister, yet, my Religious Factor is a Jewish Rabbi. Believe me this can lead to many interesting decisions and outcomes on the topic of Faith.

Relative or Friend:
This is the only field where you may have more than one spirit at any given time and the only field where they are always changing. Yet this field is never left open. During the course of a reading I will find the most valuable information about your true feelings from these spirits. They may point you in directions that you would not normally take, as they are looking out for what they feel is in your best interest. I have occasionally, with your permission, had to ask a spirit to leave as they may have a tendency to over power the reading. If this should happen during your reading please allow me to ask this spirit to step back so that we may continue the reading uninterrupted, in order to obtain a complete reading. In this field relatives, friends from present and the past lives, and spirits of lost children can be found. This field can help you in your day-to-day living in the areas where you feel you may need a little more confidence. You may wish to consider them as your cheering section.

The Scout:
The Scout is just like those in the old westerns. They will go ahead and find just what you are looking for. No matter what that may be. The Scout can be used to locate parking spots for you! I’ve never had to walk more then three spots from my intended destination! This spirit can also be used to hunt for a specific thing you’d like to buy. Not only will they find exactly what you’re looking for, 90% of the time they will find it on sale! The possibilities for improving your life with this spirit are unending.

The Door Keeper:
If no other then I would suggest that we all get in touch with our Door Keeper. The Door Keeper is there to help you control your incoming life. By this I mean that if your life is not taking the path you want it to take, then the Door Keeper is the one you need to contact. The Door Keeper is there to help you do just that. If, for example, you are in an abusive relationship, it is your Door Keeper that you need to contact and ask to be directed way from the people that are causing you this pain. Things will not change immediately, however we all know that we have to learn to walk before we can run.

Ever had one of those days where you wake up and put both feet in one pant leg and then you spill the coffee? Your first mistake is when you say to yourself "it’s going to be one of those days.” Because you have directed you Door Keeper to give you a lousy day and believe me he will not let you down. What you need to do is direct positive thoughts instead. What you should say is: "Oh these things happen, but the rest of my day will be great!" Try it; what do you have to lose?

You may find that with your Door Keeper that you can plan ahead of time. You’ve heard someone say “What a lousy year.” and another say, “I don’t understand, I work at the same place doing the same thing and my year was great.” If you take a close look, you will see that one has chosen to have a good year and the other has chosen to have a bad one because they chose not to change it. Try this exercise and I am sure you will wonder why you had not thought of it yourself.

These are the basic duties of your Spirit Guides. If you need further help to explain or learn how to use then to your fullest ability or should I say to their fullest ability contact our office, we are now offering workshops.

I have had so many people come up and tell me things have changed so much since their encounter with me, that I would like to over emphasize It is not me that is making the changes, it is you, yourself, that has accomplished what you have done. All I’ve done is to introduce you to yourself.

After today you may be different but that is your choice. Please always remember one thing, you are in charge of yourself; don't let anyone else tell you different. If you want people around you to be happy start with yourself. Once you are happy then people around you will be the same way.

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